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Cyrcla helps you develop and manage your relationships. Track your activity, keep in touch with the right people and monitor your progress.

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Keep in touch with the right people

Cyrcla reminds you when it's time to touch base. It helps you build a healthy rhythm with the people that are important to you.


Monitor your progress

“Relationships are about shared benefit; give and take on all sides. Understand the value each relationship gives you – emotional, financial, information or just feel good.”

Stephen Cooley, Proventure

Cyrcla understands what make relationships tick. It gives you the insights to decide which relationships to focus on. It gives you control of your most valuable resource – your time and energy – and highlights where you can improve.


Private by default

This is your information – no public sharing, no posts, no connections with people you don’t know.

Helping you stay on top

It can feel impossible to keep track of everyone we meet. We’re so overloaded, we remember the highlights of conversations but forget the detail. Yet it’s this detail that helps us improve relationships and get closer to people.

We meet people we like, we connect, it feels good and then something else comes along. Suddenly we’ve lost touch. Science tells us we can only manage up to about 130 to 150 relationships, but we have so many circles of contacts, colleagues, friends and acquaintances, that’s simply not enough.


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